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Private Lessons 

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My private studio is open to all ages. My current students range from age 11 to 25. I love sharing my love of flute and musical experiences with new students. If you are considering registering for private lessons, please contact me so we can set up a trial lesson. If you are interested in pursuing music as a career, check out my Texas Lutheran University Flute Studio Page. 

Lessons are offered on a weekly basis for either 25- or 60-minute blocks and can be scheduled at your school, in Pflugerville, or ONLINE! During the time of COVID-19, lessons will be conducted through Zoom. 

To schedule a lesson, click here

During lessons, we will:

  • Set goals to help you grow as a musician

  • Learn how to develop a beautiful flute tone

  • Practice technical exercises to get your fingers moving faster

  • Develop specific solutions that are JUST FOR YOU! that help you overcome any issues you may be having with learning the flute

  • Learn how to develop an artistic interpretation of flute repertoire

  • Plan performance opportunities to share your hard work and talent

  • Learn mental strategies to perform with confidence


If you are interested in having me as your cheerleader and guide for the flute, contact me to enroll in private lessons today! 

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