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Teaching Philosophy


I believe that creative thinking leads humans to achieve their goals, differentiate themselves, and reveal their true self by exploring ideas with an open mind. This openness also leads to a greater social awareness, empathy, and understanding of others. I teach music because it not only teaches students how to set, achieve, and celebrate their goals, but to express themselves emotionally and creatively. I believe that by encouraging students to embrace their creative side through music, they develop their unique voice in and out of the practice room.


My studio is a welcoming and supportive environment where students are encouraged to set and reach musical goals while feeling safe to express themselves creatively in everything they do. Lessons include exercises to strengthen fundamentals, discussions in history and theory, and activities to develop their creative-thinking skills. Students will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively and understand others through preparing ensembles, participating in student-led events, and completing a studio project every year. In addition, students perform in recitals twice a year and are provided with opportunities to create their own concerts to perform for the community. Students have creative input in any project they participate in, and some past projects have included creating a flute family tree, recording flute choir music, or playing music for the YMCA’s “Trunk or Treat” event.


A typical lesson with me includes warm-up exercises, a fundamental attack, the study of etudes and repertoire, and of course, dance breaks! Over the course of the year, students will set and achieve goals that improve their tone quality, develop their listening skills, obtain a variety of articulation styles, and reduce tension in the body so technical passages can be played with ease!


I expect that when my students enter our lesson, they have a positive attitude and are ready to give it their all. If these expectations are met, the student and their parents will be surprised by how much they can imagine and accomplish.

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